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CEO Message

박순환 이사장 직무대행 사진
“We will make the best HRD professional organization.”

I truly appreciate your visit to HRDKorea's website.

HRDKorea performs the core role of developing and managing our national
human resources, in cooperation with the business community.

This is a comprehensive undertaking that involves the areas of lifelong
competency development, qualification management, foreign workforce
employment support, overseas employment support, international cooperation,
skills promotion and skills competitions.

Like HRD Korea's vision, 'The HRD centric organization to raise the competency of employees and workplaces', we are actually providing a variety of competency development programs.

Investment in 'Human Resources Development' will help enterprises as well as individuals to strengthen their competitiveness. It will also eventually become a strong bridgehead for growing national momentum.

We will make ongoing efforts to offer you high quality services through reformation and innovation. We're quite sure the services you experience will be topnotch.

I promise that we will always listen to your valuable suggestions and opinions. Hopefully, you will be able to get all the
information you need when you need it, and seize your chance to upgrade yourself upon visiting our website.

Lastly, I would like to say that all of our executives and staff members will do their very best to ensure we become a public
organization that earns great respect from people. Thank you for your constant support and consideration.

Acting President of HRD Korea Soon Hwan Park

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