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Support for HRD in Enterprises

Support for the Learning Organization for SMEs

  • In order to build up, share and create knowledge, experience, and know-how in SMEs, HRDKorea supports establishing
    learning culture and constructing learning infrastructure in SMEs, which strengthen competitiveness and enhance their
    employees' vocational skills

Certification of excellent HRD organizations

  • To strengthen competitiveness of SMEs, HRDKorea grants a prize to excellent HRD organizations based on foundation of
    HRD(and HRM), authorized by MOEL(Ministry of Employment and Labor)

Loans to fund vocational ability training center and its equipments

  • We give long-term, low-interest loans to those who want to enforce vocational ability training center.

Providing Network Web-site services for learning in Enterprises

  • As providing representative web-site services to enterprises, HRDKorea offers various HRD contents scattered in web-sites and managed by different organizations, in order to help them establish foundation of HRD
  • Website : http://www.bizhrd.net

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