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GIFTS(Global Institute for Transferring Skills)


GIFTS(Global Institute for Transferring Skills) is an affiliated organization of HRD Korea focusing on skills promotion, skills competition and international cooperation. GIFTS, the professional global HRD institution, was established to support Koreas outstanding skilled technicians, transfer the skills needed by employers and industry and promote the international cooperation in HRD.

Main Activities

Mission and Vision
Main Activities Content
Skills Promotion
  • Select, support and reward Koreas Master Hands, Outstanding Skilled Technicians, Skilled Crafts Masters and outstanding enterprises for technical skills promotion
  • Support start-ups of skilled technicians
  • Manage and support Korea Industrial Field Professor
  • Manage and develop skills transferring programs
  • Manage "Skills Experience Camp"
  • Operate "Skills Mentoring" programs
  • Transfer innovative skills for employees of SMEs
  • Provide consulting on skills for SMEs regarding
  • Create the social climate where skilled technicians are given fair treatment
  • Nurture and promote "Korean Master Technicians of the Month"
  • Hold exhibitions of the work of outstanding skilled technicians
  • Provide grants for Koreas Master Hands, skilled technicians, skills competitors, etc.
Skills Competition
  • Manage WorldSkills Korea
  • Participate in WorldSkills and related meetings
  • Select and train WorldSkills competitors representing Republic of Korea
  • Domestic(Local․National) skills competition
  • Manage industrial workers skills competitions and side events
  • Follow-up support for the competitors of domestic/international skills competitions
  • Manage and operate Technical Committees of domestic/international skills competitions
  • Skills exchange and cooperation with WolrdSkills member countries
  • Support private skills competition
International Cooperation
  • International forum, workshops, meeting, etc. in HRD
  • Mutual recognition of certificates with countries
  • Cooperation with international organizations (ILO, APEC, etc.)
  • Bilateral Cooperation
  • International promotion
  • Visits of international guests
  • International development cooperation projects in HRD
  • Manage and develop international skills transferring programs
  • Invitation training programs


1989. 7. 7.
SIVAT(Seoul Institute for Vocational training in Advanced Technology) established to provide vocational training for international trainees
2007. 11.
Recognized as "UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training"
2013. 3. 25.
Establishment of "Global Center for Transferring Skills"
(Skills Promotion + International Cooperation)
2014. 2. 1.
Renamed as "Global Institute for Transferring Skills(GIFTS)"
2016. 5. 9.
Recognized as "UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training"

Main Facilities

  • Scale: B1-F4(Site Area: 16,451/ Total Floor Area: 14,242)
  • Training Facilities: Welding, IT, CAD, Machinery, Automotive, Electricity, Plumbing and Heating, Refrigeration, Carpentry, Cabinet making, etc.
  • Main Facilities: 96 Dormitory rooms (Accommodate 176), Practical training rooms, Meeting rooms, Gym, Cafeteria, etc.

1.Panorama,2.Exhibition Hall,3.Gym,4.Laundry room,5.Cafeteria,6.Dormitory,7.Lobby,8.Indoor Garclen,9.VIP Reception,10.Auditorium



  • Address : #77, Munemi-ro 448beon-gil, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • Tel : 032-509-1800

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