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International Organizations


  • Contribute to economic development of developing countries through operation of joint programs and participation in international conferences through cooperation with international organizations

International Organizations for Cooperation

  • APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)
  • World Bank
  • ADB
  • WorldSkills International
  • GCC
  • CPSC (Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education)
  • ILO PDR (International Labour Organization)


  [ APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) ]
  • Advanced Training Program for Vocational Instructors
    - Purpose : Contribute to HR development of developing countries of APEC regions through skills development of
      vocational training instructors of participating countries; and reinforce the role as the HRD Hub of the Asia Pacific region
  • Participation in working group meetings for HR development of APEC
    - Purpose : Prepare Progress Report on the APEC advanced training program for vocational instructors; participate in CBN
      meetings; and submit suggestions on new programs

  [ CPSC (Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education) ]
  • Hosting of joint programs
    - Host workshops, seminars and training programs on areas related to programs operated by the Corporation, including
      lifelong skills development
    - Operate programs integrated with HRD conferences to commemorate the month of vocational skills development
  • Participation in training programs and conferences
    - Participate in training programs organized by CPSC in relation to vocational training; and exchange information and
      views on vocational training systems with various countries

  [ ILO (International Labour Organization) ]
  • Regional Skills Network
    - Host workshops and trainings for the vocational training area in order to build networks with related organizations from
      countries whose levels of vocational skills development are similar
    - Participate in workshops and conferences organized by ILO in relation to vocational training; and share policies,
      knowledge, information and experiences related to vocational skills development among countries
  • Program for supporting development of Skills Standard of Laos
    - Support development of Skills Standards and qualification systems aligned with the conditions of the labor market of
      Laos through dispatch of experts and trainings for members of Laos in order to transfer know-how on vocational skills
      standard development and the national technical certification system operation of Korea
  • Improvement of employment conditions and policies for immigrant workers
    - Participate in workshops and conferences to share immigrant worker policies between countries sending HR and
      countries using HR in the Asia Pacific regions
    - Operate training programs to compare the policies with the policies of countries sending HR and develop the direction of
      improvements through the employment approval system of Korea
    - Support various researches for international promotion of the employment approval system, which is Koreas policy to
      introduce immigrant workers
  • Support for RMCS for immigrant workers
    - Support development of technical certification models among regions to promote free transfer of HR among the ASEAN
    - Share information among stakeholders through the workshops on RMCS (Regional Model Competency Standard) and
      study feasibility of adoption of RMCS by country

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